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From the buisness to the World News Search Engine

The stankaba.com story begins in 2013 in Paris buisness area. Stanislas Kaba was considering La Defense for his career and Robert L., was working here since few years.

By some accounts, they agreed about nearly everything during there first meeting, but they thinked a partnership not seriously around a lot of beers. Meeting some few months later, they have the idea to built a search engine that used serious sources to determine the trend of world news having an impact in the attitudes of buisness. They thought about a way to group a large number of serious sources around the world in one place to have a reliable, fresh and complete news.They called this search engine stankaba.com. The name was the subject of long discussions late at night but they preferred to choose the name of the first person who raised the idea of ​​the need for this system. During the following years, the two friends did not attract attention by continuing their career in Paris, one in insurance and the other in business and investment, while continuing to think about the development of a reliable system using new technologies. In January 2019, they manage to build a complete team of developers to create a reliable system gathering more than 200 English language sources around the world. With this motivated team of more than 30 collaborators, the newly constituted organization has upgraded a system allowing all students of the world to consult reliable media from any point of the globe: an address not far from New York was then chosen as head office. High-performance computers and servers have been installed in Switzerland and a team of Indian developers have also been consulted. Regarding our beginnings, things are not always easy: from the initial system of stankaba.com to the exit of the site in 2020, the techniques evolving constantly and the sources regularly modifying their presentation of information, it is necessary to constantly monitor the proper presentation of information. "In love with real facts" synthesizes the spirit of our philosophy in a world where the manipulation of information is a fact in all countries. In the past few years, the business has grown rapidly - hired computer scientists, built a team of developers dedicated to our cause. stankaba.com has moved beyond its infancy and has finally found its place in the ocean of the global web. The spirit of doing things to inform the world in a reliable and neutral way animates us with enthusiasm today. Our readers too. The relentless search for the most reliable and legible information continues to be our driving force. Today, stankaba.com covers around sixty countries around the world, from Fiji to Libya and from China to France. Although we have tried to come up with a self-supporting system that relies on advertising to survive, our passion for free knowledge for everyone will remain with us from 2013 until today.

We operate from 2015.

We have extensive experience in synthesizing reliable information and disseminating it: We choose sources that give a set of verified and reliable facts and we know how to make them quickly accessible to all. We are however attentive to the evolution of techniques in order to improve for future years.


Stan and

Although often in disagreement, the two founders of stankaba.com complement each other by their knowledge but also by their characters. However, they both agree on the overall philosophy of the project and its rapid deployment despite the technical challenges. Their journey allows them to find reliable sources that seem interesting for understanding the world while respecting the work done by the initial journalists.

More than ever, In love withe real facts!

How we work?

stankaba.com has sought to find the best sources of facts in the press and news for almost 5 years as a way to help people make more fair judgments about the knowledge they accumulate from the world from the internet. Fact checks from authoritative sources are highlighted on the site and are accessible in an orderly and easy manner.
This is possible because the techniques allowing these sources to spread the news have evolved and we have implemented means allowing them to be brought together. We want to make reliable information accessible to a maximum of people around the world, in an easy and free way. Knowledge always begins with access to information ...

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